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The Festive Side of Essential Oils

It’s December, and in many parts of the world, some form of holiday festivities are rolling out with anticipation of fun, food, decoration, celebration and gift giving.  There is always debate to which essential oils are most useful or capture the mood of tis season. Well, depending on your memories, traditions, faith or focus for […]

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Pride Month, Giving Back, The LGBT Community in Canada

It’s the 3rd of June, which means Pride month has already kicked off! For the staff here at Nascent Naturals, LGBT rights and acceptance are a cause that personally we care about greatly. We are proud to employ members of the LGBT community. Personally (as Sebastian the Editor), I’m proud to be a transgender man. […]

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Ti-Tree Essential Oil: What’s the Science?

Ti-Tree essential oil is often praised for its anti-microbic properties, particularly as an anti-bacterial agent. It’s recommended for everything from acne to first-aid. But what’s the science behind it? I wanted to find out, so I did some digging on the research studies that have been done. Below I have summarized a few different studies […]

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7 Essentials

7 Essentials of Mental Clarity

With the challenges of COVID, self-isolating, quarantine and staying inside, time has flown by and we’re all stuck in a mental fog. Life is starting to fall into our new normal: kids are going back to school, and people are heading back to work. Reality snaps you to FOCUS whether it’s school, a job or […]

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7 Great Tips to Bring the Great Outdoors In with Essential Oils

The time of the year in our part of the world where we sadly close the windows, pack away the shorts and turn to indoor activities has arrived.  Yes it’s Fall or Autumn.  As we begin to hunker down for the harsh winter that Canada delivers every year, it can be a shock to our […]

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The Seven Essentials: INSECT REPELLENT

So it’s mid spring. You’ve thrown off the coat, traded in sweaters for that bright little short sleeve number that allows the sun to gently bathe your wintry white skin. Pulling out your liberated lawn chair to bask for the first time in oh about 8 months, to sit down with a favorite book and […]

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Children & Essential Oils

The Seven Essentials: BABY CARE

Babies – they’re sweet, innocent with soft, supple skin and sensitive noses that are… vulnerable.  The first years are critical to develop healthy epidermis that provides warmth, protection and strong immunity.  We shield them from the sun, extreme cold, heat plus numerous pollutants, chemicals and toxins to ensure this happens gradually. Everyone aspires to have […]

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More Proof to NOT Ingest Essential Oils – Especially With Children!

I received a message from a former student advising me that she was on the phone with someone with a crying baby. She asked why the baby was crying, and they indicated that they were trying to put pure frankincense drops in the baby’s mouth and did not like the taste, hence the upset. I […]

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Pure Lemon Oil Applied to Apples for Children at School? Please Stop!

A  concerned customer sent me an email indicating that a few people at the school which her grandson attends, are taking it upon themselves to put pure lemon essential (essence) oil on sliced apples which they are serving to the children in the cafeteria.  This is a school fostering kindergarten to grade 7. The lemon […]

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Nascent Myth Busters

Ingesting Essential Oils: Nascent Myth Busters

Hi all, it’s Sebastian here again. I’ve been itching to bust some myths about ingesting essential oils. We get asked almost daily about this when we have the storefront open. Whether it be cooking with essential oils, taking a couple drops internally, or adding it to your water, people seem to really want to ingest […]

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No, Hand Sanitizer Won’t Set Your Car on Fire: Nascent Myth Busters

This image has been circulating social media for the past few weeks with warnings about hand sanitizer and cars, and has now made its way to radio and tv. The information being shared is incorrect, and we want to set the record straight. Myth: The image being circulated is from a car fire involving hand […]

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Nascent Myth Busters: Hand Sanitizer

Hi all, it’s Sebastian here! I was researching different hand sanitizer recipes to show Sandy and I found a common theme of terrible ideas. Some of these myths are coming from major news organizations! From trusted brands and companies! From pinterest bloggers- the most sacred institution! I’m here to bust these myths before they go […]

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Sandy's Retales

Sandy’s Inaugural Retales Blog

  So, it’s been just over a year since we opened our store, that’s “brick and mortar” to all you young’uns.  It’s been an interesting journey and one I’m now happy to have taken.  You see, it wasn’t my intention to do “retail”.  Any one who really knows me well, kind of giggled at the […]

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Dear Expert Essential Oil Distributor

Dear Expert Essential Oil Distributor  Thank you for visiting my store today.  It was very enlightening. So much so, that I want to share it with everyone.  You announced that you were an expert authority on essential oils and a distributor for a company for, oh, about two years. That you had only used their […]

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