Our Mission Statement

“Nascent In statu nascendi – the infinite and pure state of being born, emerging, promising, budding, blossoming, growing.”

To learn about and experience nature’s gifts, the slightest amount will do, whether it is essential oils, natural creams, clays, or bio-active plant extracts. The philosophy of this company is to educate and inspire people on the uses of natural ingredients, products and formulas, so they may incorporate a healthier lifestyle; and then supply them with the best quality products possible.

Sandy’s Business Philosophy – In her own Words…

First and Foremost… Karma
While this term takes on several meanings, for us it is the basic idea that all of your actions, everything you do or don’t do and say will have a positive or negative impact on yourself and others. We do our best to practice good karma!

Education is Vital and Empowering
I have been blessed with learning from great teachers, chemists, brokers, growers and suppliers over the years with the privilege of passing this knowledge on to others. It has helped me to present credible, logical and factual information which hopefully dispels some of the myths, misconceptions, contradictions and downright ridiculous information which now circulates everywhere regarding organic and natural products.

Educated minds are empowered minds that will make up their own minds.

Live What You Learn
I’m not just the president of the company, I’m also a client. I use only skin and environmentally friendly products. Everything is organic, natural, plant based or biodegradable and made by me or obtained from valued sources.

Good Customer Service
This company may be small, but we make every effort to ensure customers are happy with our products and services. Providing good technical and product information on what customers need, devotion to quality educational material, fast shipping and fixing our goof ups and mistakes as quickly as possible. If something isn’t right, or a customer isn’t happy, we will do what we can to make it right. Yes, we all make mistakes, it’s how we handle them that counts.

Co-Operative Efforts
While there are many competitors in this business, I try to network with some to see if we can support each other. There may be an ingredient which one of us needs for our customers but do not want to buy a drum or incur the hassles of importing but is purchased in large quantity by another. This is where purchasing from other reliable sources is important. It helps us all as we trust each other’s expertise and sources. I am always open to more good business relations.

Buy Canadian and Buy Local!
Although I don’t have a lot of choice but to go outside of the country to find some of my ingredients, I still purchase from Canadian sources where possible and am proud to be a Canadian supplier to others. As a personal practice, I do what I can to not support big faceless multinational corporate box stores or multilevel companies with head offices based in other countries. The small business owner in this country is what drives our economy and deserves to be supported.

Respect the Environment
This may seem like a no brainer because we are in the business of natural and organic products, but there is more that can be done. Some of our efforts to further environmental initiatives are:

  • Minimal packaging. Our packaging is clean and simple. No extra flashy bottles, boxes or glossy inserts which, while attractive, add expense which is passed on to you, the consumer. We are more concerned with the quality of what goes inside the container. Besides, that nice frosted bottle or embossed 3 colour box won’t be of any use to help with your health and skincare issues.
  • Energy Efficient heating, cooling, electronics and appliances in our shop including LED light bulbs!
  • We are located in the country and operate on a septic system, therefore we make sure that everything which goes down the drain and into the ground is organic or biodegradable.
  • Responsible disposal of essential oil and other ingredient drums. Even though most of these items are considered natural, they must be properly disposed. Too many companies will just throw this stuff in the regular garbage. Not us! We don’t mind paying for disposal of these items. It’s worth the price.
  • Recycled packing. We ship out thousands of orders which all require packing material. Through networking efforts, companies who receive a lot of shipments with packing materials (foam, paper, bubble wrap) but can’t reuse because they have a store give it to us. It saves us money so we can be more competitive, It doesn’t fill up their garbage or landfills. Win / Win! All businesses should engage in this!