St. Johns Wort – The Vilified Healer


St. Johns Wort Oil – Hypericum perforatum Many herbs have the dubious distinction of being both powerful natural healing medicines throughout history yet somehow become a nuisance, invasive, toxic or harmful species which threatens our industrialized world in modern times.  St. Johns Wort is unfortunately on that list. First off, a brief history of this […]

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Pure Lemon Oil Applied to Apples for Children at School? Please Stop!


A  concerned customer sent me an email indicating that a few people at the school which her grandson attends, are taking it upon themselves to put pure lemon essential (essence) oil on sliced apples which they are serving to the children in the cafeteria.  This is a school fostering kindergarten to grade 7. The lemon […]

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Essential Oils – A Day in the (Shelf) Life


Common questions regarding essential oils are: How long will they last? What is the shelf life?  The answer is quite complex so if you are looking for a simple explanation, there isn’t one. It’s like asking what is the shelf life of food and expecting an easy response. Before I get into a more detailed […]

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Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers; Making Your Essential Oils and Money Vanish Into Fragrant Thin Air

There is a new fad to entice consumers to blow through copious amounts of essential oils. They’re called electric diffusers, atomizers, nebulizers or any other contraption that will force essential oil into the air at warp speed.  So why am I writing about this? Because so many of you have asked for my opinion; that’s […]

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Treating Cancer With Frankincense or Other Essential Oils? Read this First


  There is elevated interest in the supposed miraculous healing of cancer with frankincense oil which I believe is the result of documentaries and stories that are currently circulating on social media. I’ve had terminally ill people and their families and friends calling and asking my opinion. I hear the heartbreak and desperation in their […]

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Making Natural Skincare Products – It’s Not Easy Being Green…..

“It’s not easy being green… ” I hum this with an impressive Kermit the Frog imitation all the time. I’ve been making natural plant based products since well, before most consumers realized that it might be important, trendy or fashionable; using ingredients like essential oils, minimal preservatives and plant based emulsifiers that most conventional chemists […]

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